What you need to know about Turntables

So you are just a beginner feeling a little intimidated about buying your first turntable. Fear not, you will be very enlightened by the end of this article. Investing in something new, especially if you do not have much information on it can be a tad confusing. Fear not, a turntable is just like another electronic, with its own unique features. If you are looking for quality sound effects when listening to your music, then you are making the right choice investing in a turntable for your home.

about turntables
Components of a good turntable

a) The base or Plinth
This supports the rest of turntable. It ensures stability to ensure great playback. It can be made of wood, plastic or metal. This influences the price of the turntable. You therefore get to pick the ideal one based on your budget. It really doesn’t matter much. You will still get good results, whichever your choice.
b) The platter
This is where the record rests. It is the component that rotates allowing the record to spin thus producing music. A heavier platter is preferable as it means less vibration. It has a mat that provides support on which the record is placed. It gives the right grip for the record. It also helps to reduce vibrations when the record is playing. The speed at which the platter is playing should match that of the record.
c) Tonearm
The tonearm makes it possible for the needle to spin while in contact with the vinyl. The tonearm allows for regular speed as the record plays. It also enables for a balance between the inner and outer circumference. If the tone arm is poorly designed, it is likely to cause an imbalance in the music produced; the outer tracks may produce faster sounds while the inner ones may be slow. The tone arm is held by the cueing device. It enables you to swiftly move the tonearm so the needle can make smooth contact with the record.
d) The Cartridge or stylus
The stylus is the needle. The cartridge houses the needle. Often, people mix up the two terms. They may say a cartridge when they are referring to the stylus. It is important to invest in a turntable that has a good cartridge. This is especially because this plays an important role in the quality of music produced by the turntable. If the turntable to pick does not have a good cartridge, you can buy one separately. However, many turntables actually come with great cartridges. So, you may not need to get another one. You may only need to replace it if you are making upgrades or if the stylus is not producing the kind of sound you would like, especially if it is damaged. Sometimes damages on the stylus may not be easy to see.
Now you know what to look out for when making your first purchase of a turntable. It is a worthwhile investment that you will enjoy. For the best turntables  reviews.