The turntable stylus cleaner that your vinyl needs

turntable stylus cleaner

The turntable stylus cleaner that your vinyl needs

Your vinyl may be notorious for all its rumbles and hisses. But you can subvert the issue now and can get the vinyl rid of the noises if you can clean them well. This certainly becomes a huge and tough challenge as a suitable turntable stylus cleaner is tough to find. Moreover, the various brands in the market are often spurious ones even though they may claim a very high rate and a very unbelievable cleaning potential. No doubt, you must clean your records right before playing and you can do so with a simple brush too. But what if it still makes noise? Here’s a quick solution to solve this matter.

Why records get dirty?

The vinyl records are easy to be cleaned with a brush and then set over the player. But even after this step, there are various factors that can lead to impurities on top of the vinyl.

  • Dust or even debris of some kind on the stylus can create issues and can affect the quality of stylus and therefore, the music being played.
  • The record may be already damaged and there is little that you can do even after you clean it with a brush.
  • Static also causes surface noise which can be a huge problem for people as the turntable stylus cleaner become an elixir in these cases.

The prime reason behind the poor quality of sound is basically the first one. The dirty stylus can wreak havoc on your vinyl records as it is the part that touches the vinyl substance. And debris or dust can damage the vinyl record as well, which can spiral down to the other factors mentioned above. This is where a perfect turntable stylus cleaner is very much required. Let’s see why it is important for our records.

Why the stylus must be cleaned?

There are numerous reasons why you must get a turntable stylus cleaner to clean the stylus, but we will cover only the major ones.

  • A dirty stylus can lead to improper contact between the grooves and the stylus. This results in a poor quality of sound produced and can create a cacophony for the listeners. The scratchy and muffled sounds are a result of this. Moreover, the dirty stylus can easily jump out of groove and can lead to missing of parts of song.
  • The debris on stylus can also lead to damage to the vinyl records. The dirt can act as abrasive and can scratch the vinyl records badly. Unless you get a turntable stylus cleaner, the clarity of the sound produced will be low and the grooves can be permanently damaged, leading to loss of money and good songs.

The best stylus cleaners

The following are the stylus cleaners that are making a buzz in the market.

  • Zerodust Stylus cleaner by Onzow
  • Magic Cleaner by Mr. Clean
  • Stylus brush by Ortofon

Get the best turntable stylus cleaner for your records and enjoy music to the fullest like never before. You can thank us later for our suggestions.