The major turntable parts you must get soon


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The major turntable parts you must get soon

If you are fond of listening to music, then vinyl records will certainly be one of the best things that you can ever own. Though they look archaic, yet the music appeal and the visual appeal make it one of the most sought-after things for music lovers. If you are planning to buy one, then you certainly need to know the parts that make up a turntable. If you have not visited any shop for this, then let’s help you understand the basics of turntable parts. Your shopping for the basic parts will certainly be much more fulfilling with our suggestions.


The stylus is the part of the entire system that touches the grooves of the vinyl records and gets the music produced. It is this part that helps to give you the immersion feeling into the song. Therefore, getting the right stylus is the first step towards getting the best turntable parts. You can get stylus from a number of brands on the web. The range of a good stylus can vary from $20 to even $60. We would suggest you to invest well in this part as this is the soul of the turntable and gives you the best experience.


The belts are one of the most indispensable turntable parts and you need to focus on this part well. This connects the clamps on the system and can be the make or break factor for your vinyl system. Though they are cheaper in price, yet their value is immense. You can expect a belt in the range of $10 to $15. The online market can be found flooded with belts for turntables, but you must go through the reviews before taking an informed decision.


The name says it all. You can get a number of companies selling products online but having a good manufacturer’s dustcover saves you money and also time since less repairs will be needed for the turntable. It is one of the most crucial turntable parts. And therefore, it is expensive too. We don’t recommend shelling out huge sums of money for this part but you can get a good quality dustcover within $200 to $500. Yes, this part is expensive and hence, we would suggest you to go only with the best one since you cannot keep spending money on this time and again.

Record mats

You certainly need to protect the vinyl records. The record mats can be one of the best turntable parts you can get at your home. This will also distinguish you from many other music lovers, since people usually don’t think of investing in this. From $90 to $150, you can get the best record mats in a variety of attractive colors.


The turntable will also need a RPM adapter, which is again available in variety of prices and brands. Kindly focus on this part as it can be a crucial factor behind the quality of music that you hear once you play a record.

Get the best turntable parts to enjoy the music experience to the fullest. Your love needs the best, and so get the same.