Many people choose to listen to music using speakers attached to computers or even DVD players. It sounds amazing, right? Well, try listening to the same music using a turntable then answer. The quality of music produced by turntables is great. The sounds are clearer and the quality is unrivaled. There are many used turntables available in the market. The only challenge with getting a used one is that it is a gamble. You may get one that is in perfect condition and another that will need a lot of work done if it is to provide the sounds you seek. If you can afford a new turntable, then you should buy one. You will save yourself a lot of time and money especially if you get a used one that requires a lot of investment to get it working.


Buying a turntable based on your budget

  • Your budget is important. There are turntables available in the market that probably every budget. If you are working with a shoe string budget, you can get a turntable for as low as $100. You should however note that the sound quality of low priced turntables may not be very good. However, you still get better quality than the music produced by the speakers attached to your laptop.
  • If you have a budget of $300-$500, you will get a much better turntable than that in the $100 price range. The sound quality is definitely better. Components of turntables in this price range, such as the cartridge and stylus, have better performance levels. Turntables in this price range are always rating high in terms of performance and value.
  • Turntables worth $500 and above are of high quality. They come in an array of designs and the sound precision is astonishing. The turntables in this range may require the input of an electronic profession before you make your investment. It needs to be worth your money so you need to make adequate research before reaching a decision on which turntable to buy. Whichever you decide, turntables in this price range are simply amazing.

This is one electronic that needs a lot of research before you buy. There are huge differences in price which is very telling of the diversity of turntables. You should know exactly what you looking for. Is it for your personal entertainment or do you want to appeal to a bigger audience? The space you will be playing in determines the quality of sound produced. For example, if you live in a relatively small space, a $100 turntable may work perfectly. However, when put in a big hall, the sound produced may not sound as good as it does in your home.  You therefore need to have all the facts on your needs before you invest in a turntable. Whatever your budgetary needs, you are making the right decision in buying a turntable. You will appreciate music more when the sounds of great quality. Music is medicine for the soul.